Romantic Good Morning Sms

We spend our days.waiting for

the ideal path to appear in front of us.

But What we forget is that,

Paths are made by walking not by waiting…!Gudmorning


“Dua” is not A Spare

Wheel that Pulls out u

When You r in Troubl

Use “Dua” As A Stairing Wheel,

That Keeps u on the Right

Path throughout ur Life Good Morning…


Morning Coolness,Rising Sun,

Humming Birds,Melting Dew,Along With

My Best Compliments,Wishing u a Very Gracious

Morning G0OD MORNING!!Have a fantastic day


Little keys can open big locks

I hope your little pray can make my life great.

May GOD give you lots of happiness

today and forever GooD Morning


O My dear Open your mind,

Receive my wishes Open your heart,

Recieve my love Open your eyes,

Recieve my smile Open u’r mobile,

and rcv my specail wish GøøÐ MØRNÍNG.



the mø$t beåütifül trüth øf life,

Never ignøre per$øn whø løve$ u..


Happiness always looks small if you hold it

in ur hands.But when u learn to share it,

u will realize how big & precious it is..

Always Be Happy.Gud Morning!


WÄKE UP! It’s Mörning time

öpen ur Room’s Döör


are waiting to Welcome u

in a New DÄY Good Morning.


Sun glows for a day Candle for an hour,

Match stick for a Minute,

But A good Day can glow Forever,

So start your day with a SMILE”

On your face, “Good Morning”


For a nice friend “nice morning”

For a sweet friend “sweet morning”

For a loving friend “lovely morning”

For a Good friend “good morning”


We all take different paths in life,

but no matter where we go,

we take a little of eachother everywhere.”

Have a blessed Day!Good Morning!

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